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Converse, don’t confuse 

Transformation that works

Tired of change initiatives falling flat, transformation processes stalling, and outdated internal communication achieving nothing? With our unique “Change Enablement Marketing” approach, we prioritize measurable, targeted, and effective digital corporate communication strategies  – aiming for positive change, more growth, and fewer fuck-ups.

lara and anton, founders of clusterfck celebrating their shared success

We've cracked the code

Hauke Hannig

VP Communications & Global Affairs,

ebm-papst Group

“These folks don't just provide solution-oriented strategies; they offer actionable solutions that are laser-focused on delivering measurable impact.”
testimonial picture of hauke hannig, VP communications and global affairs at ebm-papst group

We’ve been in your shoes. Managing change in an organisation can often feel like a wild rollercoaster ride! The struggle to set clear goals, the resistance from employees, poor measurability, and the confusion of new technologies – it's time to break free.

The good news is: we've cracked the code. The core problem often lies in a communication breakdown due to inefficiencies and outdated tactics. The solution? Change Enablement Marketing. With this new approach to change communication, you transform inside out, seize control, and say goodbye to transformation headaches. 

network of engaged employees in a corporate context who are empowered through change enablement marketing

Solutions tailored to you

What you get

With these deliverables, we support you and the transformation of your company.


Strategic clarity is pivotal. We translate complex plans into actionable roadmaps, ensuring alignment and momentum


Beyond strategy, we provide hands-on support for flawless execution. Be it design or content, we ensure operational excellence without any hassle


Outcome-focused approaches, not just vague suggestions. We craft tailored digital strategies that are actionable and centred on measurable results

Workshops &

Comprehensive training sessions – either one-off or continuous – designed to keep your team at the forefront of industry shifts

Your perks at a glance

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How we play

We blend the best of agile methodologies, creative workshops mixed with a lot of hard work and dedication to meet your goals

Discovery and assessment

We begin by diving deep into your challenges with the help of workshops, interviews, and audits. This lays the groundwork for our shared success story

Alignment and action plan

Leveraging our insights, we design deliverables and a tailored project roadmap in sync with your objectives. Believe us, you're in good hands.

Implementation and empowerment

With a bullet-proof plan, we enter the execution phase. Our ethos? Hard work and open communication, so you're always in the loop while staying in control

Reviews and retros

At regular intervals or project end, we assess the impact. Through a retrospective workshop, we cheer successes, spotlight growth areas, and champion ongoing progress.

Why choose us

Hey, we're clusterfck, a small consultancy with a big impact because we deliver transformation that works. We specialize in guiding medium-sized and large companies through the strategic conception, alignment, and operational implementation of their internal and external communication measures.


Our motto? Converse, don't confuse — because we understand how crucial effective communication is for the growth of every business. With our “Change Enablement Marketing” approach, we advocate for audience-focused communication strategies to liberate our clients from the typical transformation pitfalls and communication fuck-ups.

the scenes

About clusterfck

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Our vision

At clusterfck, we don't theorize, we act! Every day, we wake up with the mission to empower organisations to elevate communication through the use of Growth and Change Enablement Marketing. By living up to that mission, we strive for achieving our vision: 

To create positive change in every company we touch.

We introduced “Change Enablement Marketing” as the cornerstone of our approach to effective transformation consulting and management. Placing employees at the heart of change, we empower organisations to rethink the way they inform, engage and delight their employees during times of transformation and beyond.

Our cross-functional expertise and proven strategies borrowed from contemporary marketing practices ensure modern and digital communication strategies and data-driven tactics that genuinely resonate with employees, fostering a journey of clear, transparent, and meaningful communication at scale. 

Our customers

logo of clusterfck customer formary
logo of clusterfck customer ebmpapst

Why they love what we do

testimonial picture of Lisa Bittner, CEO & CO-founder of formary
"clusterfck provided invaluable support for our content marketing strategy, delivering a good blend of strategic foundations and actionable insights. Also by constructivly challenging our current strategy we were able to instantly implement valuable key takeaways within our activities. We highly recommend their services."

Lisa Bittner, CEO & Co-Founder, formary

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Ready to pioneer change?

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lara and anton, founder of clusterfck, smirking into the camera


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Ready to make a change?
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Take your business transformation efforts to the next level. Together, we discover how you can optimize your internal or external communication initiatives for more positive change and better growth. We are pumped to get started!

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