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The evolution of Internal Communication: 7 must-have skills for IC experts

In a world that's constantly changing, with new tech and trends popping up everywhere, and the role of Internal Communication (IC) is shifting, there's a big question on everyone's mind: Do our Communication pros, HR heroes, and PR whizzes really have what it takes to tackle the modern challenges of data-smart, audience-tailored, and measurable IC strategies and tactics?

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The new role of Internal Communication (IC)

Gone are the days when Internal Communication (IC) was just about one-way information blasts. In today’s ever-evolving business world, we need a fresh, innovative approach that doesn’t just redefine communication but shakes up the whole way organisations handle and embrace it entirely – especially in the context of change and business transformation.

We’ve already introduced Change Enablement Marketing (CEM), a game-changing paradigm shift that places IC smack dab in the middle of change management.

CEM is all about merging strategic communication planning and execution with the goal of not just supporting change, but actively pushing it forward – in an employee-centric, measurable and modern way.

This approach is key because it’s all about fostering a culture where openness and engagement thrive, turning employees from mere recipients of information into active participants and cheerleaders of change. By weaving CEM into an organisation's IC strategy, change initiatives  become smoother, resistance dwindles, and overall buy-in within the company skyrockets.

In this brave new world, IC has the potential to step up as the driving force behind successful, lasting organisational transformation, ensuring communication isn’t just sent out but truly heard, embraced, and acted upon.

Learn more about CEM in our latest e-book.

Are we ready for the future?

The big question for businesses is: Do we have the right talent to rock this new IC world?

Embracing CEM means taking a hard look at the roles, skills, and competencies within our IC teams.

It’s about:

  • thinking big,

  • making smart use of data,

  • and crafting communication that genuinely renoates with employees and empowers real change throughout the organisation.

We’ve dived deep into this quetsion and pinpointed seven key skills that really matter for Internal Communication (IC) professionals today ...

Internal communication skills IC experts need now

1. Digital competence

Getting to grips with the latest communication channels, tools and tactics is crucial for keeping communication dynamic and engaging for everyone. IC managers must be able to effectively use and navigate the right tools that can maximise the reach and engagement of their messages.

2. Data affinity

Analytics are the bread and butter of measuring how well our communication strategies are doing. They help us measure the engagement and effectiveness of our communication strategy, allow us to make informed decisions and enable us to prove our communication ROI, finally …

3. Strategic thinking

Developing digital communication strategies that align with the overall IC strategy and business objectives requires a high level of strategic thinking. IC experts should be visionaries, inspiring action and driving real change from the inside out.

4. Audience insights

Applying modern marketing practices, such as persona development and segmentation, enables tailored and effective communication. A deep understanding of the various internal audience segments and their needs is crucial to generate resonance and drive deeper connections.

5. Adaptability

The digital world is constantly changing. IC experts must be flexible and able to quickly adapt to new tools and trends. This agility allows for the continuous optimisation of communication strategies – this keeps them fresh and effective.

6. Collaboration

Working hand in hand with marketing and HR is key for a seamless, unified communication strategy that really resonates with everyone in the company. Especially since the line between internal and external communication is getting blurrier by the day and thus requires a more coherent and consistent approach.

7. Continuous learning

The world of IC and marketing never stands still. Keeping up with the latest trends, tools, and best practices is essential for staying ahead of the game.

IC can do more

In a time when change is the only constant, IC experts are challenged to act not just as communicators but as true "Change Pioneers".

Let's take the chance to rethink our roles, champion effective change, and lead the way in a new era of communication.

And the best thing: CEM provides us with the toolkit we need not only to react to changes but to actively shape and steer them. So, let’s circle back to the start: Are we ready to level up our skills and take an active role in shaping the future of internal communication?

Your CEM knowledge upgrade is here

To gain deeper insights into the theoretical foundations of CEM and understand how to implement these strategies in your organisation, check out our new e-book. It’s packed with both the nitty-gritty theory and practical tips to help you make the most of CEM and become the modern IC expert you’re ought to be.

The e-book is now available for free download and is an excellent resource for CEOs, communication officers, PR and HR professionals, as well as Chiefs of Staff and Communication Managers who want to expand their skills and actively shape the future of internal communication.

Download the e-book now and shape the future of internal communication!

Some useful FAQs

Why is the role of Internal Communication evolving?

Due to rapid technological changes and shifting business environments, traditional one-way IC methods are becoming obsolete. Modern IC requires a more dynamic, interactive approach that encourages two-way dialogue and active employee participation, especially during organizational transformations.

What are the must-have skills for IC professionals today?

IC experts need a diverse skill set, including digital competence, data affinity for measuring communication effectiveness, strategic thinking to align communications with business goals, and adaptability to rapidly changing tools and trends.

What is Change Enablement Marketing (CEM)?

CEM places Internal Communication (IC) at the heart of change management, focusing on strategic communication to support, promote, and accelerate organizational change. It aims to transform employees into active participants in change, fostering a culture of openness and engagement.

How can IC experts become "Change Pioneers"?

CEM places Internal Communication (IC) at the heart of change management, focusing on strategic communication to support, promote, and accelerate organizational change. It aims to transform employees into active participants in change, fostering a culture of openness and engagement.

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