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Change Enablement

Welcome to the revolution! Transform your organization from within with Change Enablement Marketing (CEM), a groundbreaking approach to internal communication, employee engagement, and organizational transformation.

Enhanced engagement

Sparking organizational vitality: Igniting passion, driving engagement and transforming businesses from within.

Strategic clarity

Crafting messages that resonate: Empowering intentional, clear and comprehensive communication.

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Metrics that mean more:

Beyond numbers, the impact is measured in palpable organizational shifts.


Relevance is the name of the game: Crafting unity, one personalized message at a time.

Definition of CEM

Unveiling a paradigm shift

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Change Enablement Marketing (CEM) represents a paradigm shift in organisational change and transformation. It's a strategic, data-driven application of modern marketing methods tailored to an organization's most crucial target audience – its employees 💝

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Avoid the transformation trap

How CEM can solve the most important problems in change management and turns common obstacles into growth opportunities

The origin and role of CEM

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change through communication

At clusterfck, we introduced CEM as the cornerstone of our transformation consulting. Placing employees at the heart of change, we empower organisations to revolutionize internal communication through cross-functional expertise and customer-centric (or rather: employee-centric) strategies borrowed from contemporary marketing.

Companies encounter numerous challenges, especially during periods of change and transformation. These transformation struggles manifest in the form of inefficient internal communication processes and reduced employee engagement. The resulting consequences are profound: a lack of buy-in and trust from employees.


In the long term, this can become a substantial obstacle, hindering the seamless progression of transformation initiatives and, in severe cases, leading to their erosion or complete failure. Addressing these challenges is imperative for organizations aiming to achieve successful and enduring change.

And this is where CEM comes into play. A new approach to effective transformation and change management that strategically leverages modern marketing techniques to inform, engage, and delight employees, turning them into internal change ambassadors. CEM recognizes that internal communication is vital for change management, relying on clear, transparent, and targeted messaging.

A new approach to transformation and change management

The application of CEM

Why CEM?
Elevating internal communication in large organizations

In the complexity of large organizations, clear and effective internal communication is non-negotiable. CEM is a tailored approach for change ambassadors, optimizing internal dialogues for engagement and alignment in large corporate environments.

Users of CEM:
The change pioneers in organizations

CEM serves as a tailored solution for change pioneers in various roles – Change Management Teams, Communication Managers, Digital Transformation Leaders, and more. It empowers them to guide effective transformation and change processes, especially in large organisations.

Use cases of CEM: Navigating real-world scenarios

CEM catalyses smooth transitions in organisational change, guides crisis communication, enhances employee engagement, aligns leadership communication, and ensures excitement, for instance during product launches. CEM serves as a fundamental driver for holistic and strategic change initiatives.

Kick-start your CEM revolution

How clusterfck can help

Helpful FAQs

  • What are the key benefits of implementing CEM?
    Implementing CEM leads to enhanced engagement, strategic clarity, measurable impact, and tailored communication, fostering a dynamic and united organizational culture.
  • How does CEM differ from traditional change management?
    While traditional change management focuses on processes and structures, CEM places a strong emphasis on targeted and measurable communication strategies, aligning them with organizational goals.
  • Is CEM a one-time initiative, or is it an ongoing process?
    CEM is an ongoing process that evolves with the organization's changing needs. It's not a one-time initiative but a continuous effort to adapt communication strategies to meet the dynamic landscape of internal communication, ensuring sustained success during periods of change and transformation.
  • How can CEM enhance leadership communication?
    CEM aligns leadership messaging with organizational goals, building trust and inspiring confidence among employees. By applying strategic communication tactics, CEM ensures that messages from top executives resonate with the company's vision and are effectively communicated to employees across different departments.
  • Can CEM be applied in specific industries or is it a one-size-fits-all approach?
    CEM is adaptable and can be tailored to the unique needs of various industries. It is not a one-size-fits-all approach and can be customized to suit the complexities of different organizational contexts. CEM is particularly suitable for medium-sized and larger companies with complex organizational structures.
  • Who can benefit from adopting CEM practices?
    CEM practices are beneficial for organizations undergoing change, internal communication managers, HR professionals, change management teams, and leaders in various industries.
  • What is Change Enablement Marketing (CEM)?
    CEM is a strategic approach that combines principles of change management with marketing techniques to drive effective internal communication during periods of organizational change.
  • How does CEM impact employee engagement?
    CEM enhances employee engagement by creating targeted communication strategies that resonate with employees, fostering collaboration, and building a sense of unity and shared purpose.
  • Are there real-world examples of organizations benefiting from CEM?
    Yes, corporations like SAP, Körber, Siemens, DHL, Henkel, and Deutsche Bahn can effectively steer and accompany various change processes significantly with the help of CEM, addressing aspects such as mergers, digital transformation, crisis communication, employee engagement, and leadership development.
  • How can CEM be implemented in my organization?
    CEM implementation involves assessing the current state of internal communication, crafting a robust communication strategy, segmenting internal target groups, selecting suitable communication channels, and incorporating feedback mechanisms and analytics for continuous improvement.
  • Why is CEM important for organizations undergoing change?
    CEM is crucial as it ensures that communication during change is not only effective but also engages employees, fostering a positive organizational culture and supporting successful transformations.
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